Going back next year

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. So much so that we want to go back next year, and I can’t help but wonder why so many people bother with France. But they can all stay there as far as I’m concerned; so we can have some peace and quiet.
I sat in the garden mostly and watched the birds (beautiful, huge birds of prey) and the butterflies and clouds. In truth that was enough for me because that is what I miss the most here; somewhere where you can sit among the nature and be on your own, without a constant flow of people, traffic noise, aircraft and mobile phones going off.

Naturally we got out and about and we visited Trutnov, Nachod, Broumov, Police and Teplice. Apart from that we didn’t do many cultural things. We had some lovely walks; the area is beautiful. Made extensive use of the wood burning stove and we cooked for ourselves quite a lot, because it was just so nice and because our boys are fussy and didn’t want the wrong mayonnaise or tomato ketchup.

The boys enjoyed themselves as well, mostly with the TV, the games computer, the pool table and of course the swimming pool. It’s not easy to enforce the rule about no jumping in and no diving with boys aged 10 and 13, but we more or less managed it.

I must say that this was the first time I have ever had the holiday blues when I got home; I never get that. Being at home is also fine; plenty to do, nice people, but this time I wasn’t at all glad to be home. Anyway, many thanks for the use of your wonderful house, and we will definitely be back!