Enjoyed the natural beauty

We have once more had a marvellous time in your beautiful house. The sundeck was a great addition. Late in the afternoon it was marvellous to be able to sit there and enjoy a glass of something in the sun (and frequently during the rest of the day as well).
Beyond that, naturally we enjoyed the natural beauty, the enormous birds of prey, the deer near the garden (see photo), did some great hiking and visited some towns now and then. Enjoyed a good book and apart from playing pool the boys played tennis table fanatically.
The Rohovec family looked after us impeccably once more. He turned up at the door once with homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers.
We had a terrible storm one time; thunder and lightning, and a power cut. But the next morning everything was quickly back to normal. And another time we found ourselves without water, but when I went outside there were already two vans there from the water supply company, so that was soon sorted out.
In short, definitely worth repeating. As soon as we know the dates for our holidays we will be booking again. We were even looking around the area at houses. The idea of having a place like that really appeals to us.