Even Faster Internet

Unfortunately, the internet speed specified by the provider was not achieved in practice and was therefore not sufficient. Since yesterday we have a new connection from a new provider. The old telephone line is no longer used, but an antenna has been installed that enables a modern wireless connection to the Ruprechtický Špičák and a speed of 25 mbs.

Mid 2017

Although it will be possible to use 4G Internet throughout Europe via the telephone from mid-2017 onwards, we decided that we would still upgrade the fixed Internet connection to the house to the maximum available in Vižňov. There is no need to stream TV or radio via the Internet, because the house is equipped with a satellite dish for TV and radio reception. This should mean that the new speed is sufficient for using the Internet with a good level of speed for every day matters. And for more than one apparatus to use the Wi-Fi at the same time!